About Us

Delisha Boyd, LLC

Delisha Boyd, LLC was formed to create a competitive team of agents that embody a natural order of hard work and commitment to our clients. Our team brings a wealth of experience and real estate wisdom to each client. This dynamic team is committed to providing outstanding Real Estate services to the Greater New Orleans and surrounding areas.

Delisha Boyd has bachelor's degree in Business Administration, a Master's in Business Administration, and is (abd) with Doctorate in Business Administration. She had a successful career as a talent agent and casting director. She was recognized for accomplishments as one of the 2006 City Business Women of the Year. Delisha's interest in real estate was ignited years ago by the experience of buying her first home and several investment properties.


”Delisha recalls, she was so eager for information and knowledge. She did some research and it just clicked that this was something she could do and enjoy.”


That experience and the career change that followed have yielded benefits for Delisha's clients ever since. Delisha takes her clients’ success personally. Her ultimate goal is to help her clients make wise investments. She credits her success to her business knowledge, paying attention to detail, dependability and extensive follow. Whether buying, selling or investing she is there from the first hello to the closing table and behind. “I live with my family in the Greater New Orleans Area. My clients are my neighbors and my friends. I’m there for them, always.”


If you are looking to open the doors of a new home or close the doors on a current or former home, Delisha Boyd, LLC is the obvious choice. Call today and experience for yourself how Delisha makes your success personal!